The beginning

Guhring the global leading supplier of high precision rotary cutting tools was born from the genius and entrepreneurship of Gottlieb Guhring , who in 1898, founded his first factory in the city of Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany.


In those years Guhring employed 17 technicians who produced a variety of only 5 types of twist drills.

In 1921 after the death of our founder, the company was left to his son Oskar who after its total destruction in Second World War, achieved to bring the factory back…

... Which for the mid-fifties occupied more than 120 workers.


In 1964 joined to the company Dr. Jörg Gühring, grandson of our founder, he is currently the president of Gühring KG group

Guhring Mexicana

A visionary man who revolutionized the organization by promoting the production processes improvement and managed the expansion of the brand worldwide.

In 2002 we established the Manufacturing and Service Center in the city of Querétaro.

Guhring Mexicana was born as a sales subsidiary in 1991.

In 2015 we moved our operations to a new and modern plant in the Tecnologico Innovación Queretaro Industrial Park  in the municipality of El Marques, where today, in addition to trading, we produce, regrind, modify and coat rotary cutting tools for costumers all over Mexico and Latin America, playing a key rol in the development of the metal mechanic industry in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, machinery  and heavy equipment production



Who offers more?

Guhring Mexicana

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