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Infografia Guhring
Infografia Guhring
Infografia Guhring

High-precision cutting tools

Guhring is the only company in the world, manufacturer of high-precision cutting tools, which controls its production process in 100%: from the raw material, design and development of new cutting geometries, as well as the machinery for its manufacture, coatings application and measurement, to the innovation in distribution systems, services and technical assistance throughout the useful life of the tool, which translates into the highest technology at the service of our Customer’s production processes.

Our standard tool catalog includes more than 100,000 different products, such as drills, gun drills, taps, end mills, reamers, countersinks, tool holders, multi-tool systems for finishing, grooving tools, diamond (PCD) and PCBN tools as well as tools with interchangeable inserts Hollfelder-Guhring.

At the Guhring Mexicana Manufacturing and Service Center (CSM) we have the services of:

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