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Posted by Guhring. February 8, 2022, Tools

The Manufacturing and Service Center (MSC) of Guhring Mexicana is located at its plant in the Industrial Park ‚ÄúTechnologico Innovacion‚ÄĚ in El Marques, Queretaro; from were services of regrinding and application of PVD coatings as well as special tools manufacturing are carried out, with which we serve Customers throughout Mexico and Latin America, in the most demanding industrial sectors such as: the automotive industry, aerospace, metalworking, mining, defense and medical industry, among others.

La perfección en maquinado

At the Guhring MSC we manufacture carbide tools for machining processes, considering aspects such as the machinery involved, materials and the characteristics of the part to be achieved, all under our Customers specifications.

In order to prolong the useful life of the tools, we also have the regrinding and coating services, optimizing our Customers investment in tools. Likewise, and since 2016 we have ventured into the PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tool retiping service, involved in the most demanding machining processes that exist today.

La perfección en maquinado

The main objective of Guhrings team is to exceed our Customers expectations and for this, we have certified each process under the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We practice Continuous Improvement with cutting-edge methodologies; the safety and constant training of our employees are priorities and thanks to this, CSM Technicians are recognized for their high specialization in the area.

La perfección en maquinado
La perfección en maquinado

Guhring is a company committed to sustainability, the environment and society and the Manufacturing and Service Center is proof of this. Quality is our permanent commitment.

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Lateral de la carretera estatal 431 Km 2 + 200 interior 10, parque industrial tecnológico innovación, El Marqués, Querétaro, C.P. 76246

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