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Posted by Guhring. August 29, 2022, Tools

In September 2021, a meeting of Product Engineers from all subsidiaries of the Guhring group was held. From Mexico, Josué Ramírez, Product Engineer specialized in "drills", participated. He presented as an innovation made in Mexico a new 3-edged drill focused on the machining of steels.

Broca 3 Filos - Ingeniero Guhring

Although the 3-edged drills already existed in the Guhring portfolio, they were not suitable for steel machining, it worked well only in iron and aluminum foundries. Based on this, Eng. Ramirez designed a new drill bit in such a way that it could be used for drilling steel. With this new configuration, higher feed values and cutting speed were obtained as a result, reducing the cycle time, providing high quality surface finishes, optimal chip formation and eviction and at least 50% longer tool life, comparing it even with the high-performance Guhring drills.

Broca 3 Filos

This 100% Mexican innovation was chosen by the specialists of the international event as the best prototype presented and is already in the process of developing its own regrinding instruction that will be distributed in all Guhring subsidiaries around the world, for the launch of a new item in the standard line.

Broca de 3 Filos

The production of the first pieces of this drill was in charge of the Production Staff at the Service and Manufacturing Center of Guhring Mexico, in Queretaro, where talent was present, from the stage of adaptation of the manufacturing design for the production process, by Eng. Andres Carrasco; as well in the CNC programming -carried out by Eng. Gerardo Morales; and the execution of the manufacturing that the highly specialized Mexican technicians carried out under the leadership of the Production Coordinator, Arturo Ruiz, which resulted in a powerful drill, never before manufactured in any other Guhring subsidiary.

Broca de 3 Filos - Guhring Mexicana
Broca de 3 Filos - Guhring Mexicana
Broca de 3 Filos - Guhring Mexicana

Undoubtedly, the great work of the entire Guhring technical team made it possible for this tool to see the light in Mexico, and it is currently tested with various Customers in mass productions which testifies to its excellent results.

Broca 3 Filos Broca 3 Filos

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