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Hollfelder Tools

Posted by Guhring. March 18, 2022, Tools

Market requirements, which demands larger radius in the components, have not been able to satisfy technically with the usual mounting of the cutting inserts.

For this, Guhring's Hollfelder tools were born, which consist of the tangential assembly of several inserts, which are placed individually from outside and on cutting tool body.

La perfección en maquinado
La perfección en maquinado

With this innovation, significantly larger corner radius can be produced; in addition, with the tangential placement of the inserts it is possible to achieve a distribution of cuts, that is, with several edges the total amplitude can be covered. Thanks to this, the cutting forces are reduced and a better result is achieved in the machining.

These tools are for universally application, both in machine building and in the automotive, aerospace industries.

And, what are its main applications?

Circular milling, the generation of profiled reliefs, the machining of external arrows or the machining of flanges in a spindle carrier are some of them; thus, different types of tools with tangentially mounted inserts are feasible.

The inserts are available in different cutting materials, for example the types DK105UF or DK460UF, for materials as: stainless steel, cast iron, as well as PCD inserts por aluminum alloys.

Thanks to the tangential mounting of the cutting inserts on these tools, they have a significantly more stable core section compared to conventional ISO inserts, which provides greater stability and safety to the process; in addition, the edges can be provided with positive angles, this prevents vibrations in the piece.

La perfección en maquinado

Finally, do not forget that Guhring's Hollfelder tools can be made according to customer needs, diameters can be from 20 mm to 400 mm or more.


  • Universal application
  • Possibility of various types of tool
  • Fit accuracy
  • More stable core
  • Variety of cutting materials
  • Protected insert seat
  • Insert change without presetting devices
  • Reduction of cutting forc√©
  • High cutting parameters

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