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Posted by Guhring. August 25, 2021, Tools

If you are looking for the perfect cost-benefit balance in your thread production, you should use Guhring’s POWER TAP line as soon as possible.

Guhring developed this line with the production of the industry’s most popular threads in mind, both ISO and ANSI standards. Made of cobalt steel and metallurgical powder, POWER TAP taps are universally applicable, that is, for a wide variety of materials to be cut: general steels, stainless steels, high hardness, Aluminum and its alloys and even cast iron.

Depending on your production process, you can choose a sulphanized or TiN-coated finish. Remember that the coating is the ideal companion for your tool as it lengthens its useful life by making it much more resistant to friction wear; ask your Technical Representative or call us at the Guhring Contact Center (442 2264526) for personalized advice.

Guhring PVD Coatings

POWER TAPS are very easy to identify as they are characterized by a gold ring. Download the catalogs on our website.

Download Power Tap catalogs

You can also find them in Sets that include, in addition to the most popular measures, the pre-drill for the pre-drilling of the hole that you will later thread.

Download Toolkit catalogs


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