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RF 100 Sharp Milling Cutter

Posted by Guhring. January 26, 2022, Tools

NEW RF 100 Sharp Milling Cutter: the sharpest on the market!

The new Guhring milling cutter works exceptionally on soft, hard and high alloy materials and in virtually all machine conditions.

This tool prevents the material adhesions on the cutting edges, this also minimizes possible chip jams during milling and prevents breakage.

It has an attack angle at 12¬į which allows it to reduce pressure and cutting forces; it means the RF 100 Sharp will cut easily soft materials, as well as those resistant and the highly alloyed with a tensile strength of 300 - 900 N / mm¬≤ and high ductility.

It is manufactured with an optimized carbide grade and coated with AlCrN, which gives it unique properties to achieve the best performance, not only in the most stable conditions: the RF 100 Sharp can also be applied to unstable machines and effortless clamping positions.

Thanks to the adapted micro and macro geometry, the tool can achieve a long useful life despite the high demands placed on it.

La perfección en maquinado

Whether its a powerful CNC milling machine or a limited power lathe, the RF 100 Sharp solid carbide cutter is designed to cover all different operating conditions and always achieves excellent results: under stable machine conditions, it enables HPC milling with extremely high cutting speeds and high material start rates.

In addition to conventional machining, the milling cutter is also suitable for GTC (trochoidal cutting) machining. However, even unstable machines or clamping setups (MTC) are no problem for the RF100 Sharp solid carbide cutter; it handles these conditions easily ensuring low-vibration operation and best results.

The carbide used is characterized by its relatively high hardness, which prevents the milling cutter from breaking under suboptimal conditions or slow cutting speeds. The AlCrN coating offers high protection against wear with aggressive cutting parameters. Chromium provides additional protection against oxidation, making the coating and cutter ideal for slower cutting speeds.

The RF 100 Sharp can be used for grooving, roughing, finishing, ramping and even drilling operations. This makes it a universal tool. The smallest diameter starts at 1mm, which means the Sharp is perfect for use in the micro range. It is an ideal complement to the RF 100 Microdiver cutter to significantly improve the surface finish.

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La perfección en maquinado Cortador RF 100 Sharp RF 100 Sharp Cortador RF 100 Sharp

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