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Power Mill

Tungsten Carbide endmills, por universal application.

Broca Powermill

High material removal rates and longer life in universal milling. Manufactured in fine grade carbide, on high precision machines and with Guhring geometries to guarantee maximum performance in your processes.

Power Tap

The perfect choice for all materials

Machuelos Power Tap
Broca Power Tap

Power Tap is always the right choice! It is a true universal tap for a wide range of materials, always delivering optimal machining results.


1 single tool for 5 applications!

RF 100 diver

Guhring RF100 DIVER offer you absolute VERSATILITY: which translates into the possibility of performing 5 different applications with a single tool:

  • DRILLING up to 2 D Ø
  • RAMPING up to 45 °
  • GROOVING in traditionally difficult-to-machine depths
  • GRINDING up to 50% faster
  • FINISHES of unsurpassed quality

All thanks to its optimized geometry and the reinforcement of the SIGNUM coating.

Available in metric (mm) and English (inch) system.


High quality at the lowest price!

Brocas PowerLine
Brocas PowerLine

Discover our range of high-quality tools for DRILLING, THREADING, MILLING, REAMING and COUNTERSINKING

  • High quality
  • The best price
  • Made in Europe
  • Universal technical standards

SuperLine Tools


Broca SuperLine
Broca SuperLine

Guhrings SuperLine is a high-tech tool program for drilling, milling, tapping and reaming applications. Precision carbide or high-speed steel tools are optimized with modern coatings. Innovative manufacturing processes, globally unified quality, and large manufacturing quantities make the SuperLine program unique when it comes to cost effectiveness, timeliness, quality and service.

The best price / performance ratio on the market including bits, endmills, reamers and countersinks!


The best option for drilling and milling ... in all materials!

Broca ExpressLine

Guhring has created, especially for small series producers, its new line of Express Line tools, made up of a selection of bits and cutters for universal machining applications and in the measures most used by our industry.

All the above with the traditional Guhring quality, at an unbeatable price and now also Immediate availability!

Tool Kits

Unique cost-benefit ratio!

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