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Our Values

Moral Guhring Mexicana

We observe guidelines of conduct that allow us as individuals and organizations to make the best decisions.

Integridad Guhring Mexicana

In our company we live civic values that strengthen the attitude of each Collaborator towards the others.

Congruencia Guhring Mexicana

We make our words a fact.

Compromiso Guhring Mexicana

We have a personal and collective commitment to give our clients an excellent service, since for us they are our being reason.

Respeto Guhring Mexicana

We value all people ideas and opinions and we demonstrate this consideration at all levels in our organization and towards each member of society.

Servicio Guhring Mexicana

We have a high sense of collaboration, which allows us to provide our clients with a timely response to their requirements.

Responsabilidad Guhring Mexicana

Our actions are measurable for our stakeholders.

Amor Guhring Mexicana

We love what we do and LOVE inspires us to be better in our company, home and society.

Moral Guhring Mexicana

We work day by day, giving our maximum effort, to make Guhring Mexicana a company of excellence.

Orgullo Guhring Mexicana

We are proud of our origins, as well as our individual and team achievements.

Lateral de la carretera estatal 431 Km 2 + 200 interior 10, parque industrial tecnológico innovación, El Marqués, Querétaro, C.P. 76246

Tel: +52 (442) 221 6192, 221 6193, 221 6195 y 221 6520